Our History


     It all started in a musty basement in Bucks County, PA. Three friends, two of them who grew up on New Galena Road in Chalfont, PA, and one fellow who walked quite frequently at Lake Galena, had a common bond of being young and eager brass players. Somewhere along the way, someone suggested putting their talents together and reading through some brass trios. Although the three friends were having a great time, 3 part brass music is limiting and hard to come by. Eventually, a fourth member was added to fill out the ensemble and expand their capabilities.

     Soon, this conglomeration was ready for their premiere performance at Lenape Middle School in Doylestown, PA (pictured left). Of course, any successful group needs a catchy name. After a brief deliberation, the Galena Brass seemed to be a natural fit. After our debut performance, the Galena Brass quartet began performing regularly in the Bux-Mont area. In the late 1990s, we even expanded to a 10-15 member marching band on occasion.

     Although performing in a quartet was fulfilling, we felt something was missing from our group. I guess you could say we needed a motor to push the ensemble to new heights. Therefore in 2006, a decision was made to add to a percussionist. Coincidentally, the Galena Brass has grown exponentially and has never looked back!





The original Galena Brass; (Left to Right)

Chris Gerhart, Tom Weidner, and Peter Jauss 

We may have lost a little hair, turned a little gray, and even lived thousands of miles apart for a time. However, our friendship and love of music still binds us to this day.